How To Make and Use A Giant Check For Events

Learning how to make a giant check for events can be an effective tool in amplifying the impact of your occasion. These oversized checks, often seen at award ceremonies or fundraising events, serve as more than just novelty items; they are powerful symbols that capture attention and create lasting memories.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the appeal and utility of these big checks across various industries. We’ll explore their usage in different settings – from fundraising initiatives to award presentations – highlighting their ability to add excitement and garner publicity.

You will also learn about creating your own customized giant check, with insights on choosing materials, designing layouts, and personalizing with unique elements. Furthermore, we address legal requirements and potential security concerns associated with public display of these oversized checks.

We round off our discussion by tracing the historical evolution of this concept right from its origin story up until today’s media-driven world. How did Publishers Clearing House popularize this trend? And what benefits does using a giant check bring for various stakeholders at events?

Dive into our post to discover everything you need to know about making and effectively utilizing a giant check for your next event!

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The Appeal and Utility of Giant Checks

Giant checks are all the rage these days, adding a touch of pizzazz to any event. Whether it’s a fundraiser or an award ceremony, these oversized novelty items are sure to make a statement.

Fundraising with Flair

When it comes to raising money for a cause, why settle for boring old receipts? With a giant check, donors can see their contributions in all their glory. With a giant check, donors can be seen smiling for the cameras with their contributions in all their glory.

Award Ceremonies with a Twist

Forget about simply announcing the prize money at award ceremonies. Make it a spectacle by presenting it on a giant check. It’s like taking home the top prize, but with a lot more panache.

Big Checks in Different Industries

  • Airlines: Airlines love to go big with their promotions, using giant boarding passes and tickets to grab attention.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools and universities can make scholarship awards and endowment announcements more memorable with oversized novelty checks.
  • Sporting Events: From golf tournaments to football games, sports competitions often feature large prize amounts that deserve an equally large check.

No matter what industry you’re in, incorporating giant checks into your events is a surefire way to make a splash. So why wait? Get creative and start designing your own today.

Creating Your Own Customized Giant Check

Giant checks are not just for million-dollar lottery winners or charity events. Making a giant check for any occasion can be an entertaining and special way to show appreciation, from employee recognition events to birthday bashes or fundraising galas. Constructing your own customized large check isn’t as hard to do as you might think.

Choosing materials for making a giant check

The first step in creating your custom oversized novelty item is choosing the right material. You want something sturdy enough to hold up during your event but lightweight enough to transport easily. Foam board material fits this bill perfectly – it’s durable yet light and easy to work with.

  • For your desired size, foam boards are available in a range of options to choose from.
  • You can find foam boards at most craft stores or online retailers like Amazon.
  • If you’re planning on using markers or paint pens on the board, opt for white color which will make colors pop out more vividly.

Designing the layout of an oversized check

The next step is designing the layout of your giant check. It should resemble an actual bank cheque as closely as possible while leaving space for customization according to your specific event requirements. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Incorporate all elements typically found on regular-sized cheques such as payer’s name field, payee’s name field, date field, etc., into the design plan.
  2. Add fields like “memo” where you could include details about the occasion being celebrated.
  3. Create a large signature line area – this could serve as a great photo op when the recipient signs their big win.
  4. Avoid cluttering the design too much; keep things simple, clear, and visually appealing.

Personalizing big checks with unique elements

Last but not least comes the personalization part. This is where you get creative and add those special touches that truly set it apart from the rest.

  • Add your company logo in the corner if it’s a business-sponsored event.
  • If it’s a fundraiser, consider adding a tagline or mission statement of the organization benefiting from the funds raised.
  • In case of a personal celebration (like a milestone birthday), incorporate the celebrant’s favorite colors and theme of the party into the design.

To sum up, the process of making personalized giant checks involves three main steps: selecting appropriate material, designing an effective layout, and finally infusing uniqueness through customization. Whether you need a prop for an upcoming corporate function or a surprise gift for a friend or family member, these oversized novelty items are sure to hit the crowd. Don’t be shy about getting your hands dirty and diving headfirst into this DIY project today.

Key Takeaway: You can easily create your own customized giant check for any event using foam board material. Design the layout to resemble a real bank cheque, and personalize it with unique elements like company logos or favorite colors. It’s a fun DIY project that will make a big impact at your next event.

Legal Requirements and Security Concerns of Oversized Checks

Giant checks are like regular checks, but on steroids. A colossal, eye-catching checkbook that commands attention. Before you get ready to write your oversized check, there are a few things you should be aware of.

What makes a giant check legit?

Just like their smaller counterparts, big checks need to have the essential details to be considered valid. That means including the payer’s name, the payee’s name, the date, a signature, and the amount payable. It’s like a regular check, but with a lot more pizzazz.

  • Payer’s Name: Your business name or personal name goes here. Let the world know who’s making it rain.
  • Date: Don’t forget to mark the day you’re making someone’s dreams come true.
  • Payer’s Signature: Sign that giant check with pride, just like you would with a regular-sized one.
  • The Amount Payable: Make it crystal clear how much moolah you’re dishing out. Write the amount in numerals and words, avoiding any potential misunderstandings.

Security risks? We’ve got you covered.

But isn’t security a concern? Won’t displaying all that sensitive information be risky?” Well, you’re not wrong. Publicly flaunting your banking details on a giant check could be an open invitation for trouble.

But fear not. Think about utilizing dummy account numbers or writing “void” instead of real banking info to guard yourself. Consider using dummy account numbers or the word “void” instead of real banking info. That way, you can still show off your oversized generosity without putting your financial well-being at risk.

For the best financial protection, it is always wise to seek legal counsel. They’ll help you navigate the legal waters and avoid any potential financial fiascos.

Historical Evolution of the Novelty Check Concept

The history of the giant novelty check is as fascinating as its size. From being a tool for propaganda to becoming an icon of charitable donations and lottery wins, these oversized checks have come a long way.

Origin Story Behind Giant Novelty Cheques

The concept of using large-sized checks can be traced back to the Nazi era when Joseph Goebbels received one. So, why do oversize checks exist? Well, they’re simply easier to see. This was especially important in times when mass communication methods were limited and visual impact mattered significantly.

Impact of Media Evolution on Usage Pattern

As photojournalism evolved, so did the use of big checks. They became smaller versions used strictly for ceremonial purposes. Their popularity soared with the rise of tabloid newspapers like the Daily News and Chicago Tribune, who initiated something called “Cheer” to boost circulation.

Role of Publishers Clearing House in Popularizing the Trend

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) took this concept further by announcing winning SuperPrize numbers on TV in January 1988. However, real evidence that you could win wasn’t available until Todd Sloane recorded his reaction himself.

PCH continues to personally deliver these oversized tokens to charities or loved ones approximately 30 times a year, ordered from their Store. Moreover, charity or scholarship funds can indeed be cashed, adding another layer of authenticity and excitement around receiving such items.

  • Nazi Era: Oversized checks were first used during this time period for propaganda purposes due to their high visibility factor.
  • Rise of Photojournalism: As photography began playing a larger role in news reporting, big checks started shrinking down but remained significant props at events.
  • Influence by Tabloids: Newspapers like the Daily News and Chicago Tribune boosted their circulation through initiatives involving large-scale financial symbols.
  • Publishers Clearing House (PCH): This company made huge strides in popularizing oversized novelty items via televised announcements about winners.

Giant novelty cheques are more than just enlarged replicas; they carry historical significance while continuing to serve modern-day functions effectively, making them truly timeless pieces.

Key Takeaway: The history of the giant novelty check dates back to the Nazi era when they were used for propaganda. Over time, their usage evolved with the rise of photojournalism and tabloid newspapers, eventually becoming popularized by Publishers Clearing House through televised announcements about winners. Today, these oversized checks continue to serve as iconic symbols at events and hold historical significance while also adding excitement and authenticity to charitable donations or lottery wins.

Benefits of Using Giant Checks at Events

If you’re a business owner, coach, employee, or realtor in need of signage for your next event, consider using giant checks. These oversized novelty items not only add a fun element to the proceedings but also grab attention and generate publicity.

Adding excitement to gatherings

Handing over an oversized check creates anticipation and adds drama to any event. It’s like a grand prize reveal that gets the audience cheering. These big checks symbolize success, achievement, and generosity, making your event more memorable.

Many organizations incorporate giant checks into award ceremonies, fundraisers, and team building activities. The visual impact of these large-scale financial symbols provides excellent photo opportunities.

Gaining attention and publicity

An oversized check can be a powerful marketing tool. By prominently displaying your brand name and other details on the check, you can draw people’s eyes to your company logo during public events.

This increased visibility can lead to enhanced brand recognition and potentially higher sales figures. If pictures of your event featuring giant checks are widely shared on social media, you get free advertising.

Providing a special memento for winners

Aside from its promotional value, a giant check offers recipients a tangible reminder of their win. While cash prizes may be quickly spent and forgotten, big checks serve as constant reminders of triumph, adding emotional value to the overall experience.

FAQs in Relation to How to Make a Giant Check for Events

What do you do with a giant check?

A giant check is typically used for promotional purposes at events such as fundraisers, award ceremonies, and publicity stunts. It can also serve as a memorable keepsake for the recipient.

Can you actually cash giant checks?

No, novelty checks, including giant ones, are not legal tender and cannot be deposited into a bank account. They symbolize an actual payment made through legitimate means.

How big should a giant check be?

The size of an oversized check can vary based on the event’s needs but generally ranges from 18×36 inches to 30×60 inches for visibility.

How do you cash in an oversized check?

An actual large amount, represented by an oversized novelty check, is usually transferred via standard banking methods after the event.


Whether it’s adding excitement to fundraising events or creating memorable award ceremonies, oversized novelty checks are like the Swiss Army knives of signage options.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can create your own customized giant check using the materials of your choice and personalize it with unique elements.

Just remember to keep in mind the legal requirements and security concerns associated with displaying oversized checks publicly.

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